Benefits of car insurance in Barrie

D.G. Bevan Insurance Brokers Ltd comes with a lot of benefits, not only to the driver but also to the third party. Accidents are unplanned for and can happen to anyone causing significant financial losses. Car owners are held liable to pay for all the expenses of the injured people involved and the damages. Below are the benefits of having car insurance.

Benefits of Car Insurance

  • Protection From Financial Liability

When you get involved in an accident, or you happen to damage someone’s property, you will need an insurance to help take care of all expenses that are involved with the replacement or repair process. Also, the insurance helps cover the medical expense of the people who got hurt during the accident. Insurance also helps protect one from being sued. Getting an insurance cover in Barrie will protect you from paying having to dig into your pocket to pay for these damages.


  • Pay Medical Costs

Medical costs are expensive, especially after one in involved in an accident. When people are involved in an accident, they require expensive X-rays and procedures to ensure they do not have internal bleeding. These hospital procedures cost a lot of money, and it can be stressful especially when one does not have insurance. Many hospitals do not treat without a down payment. The car insurance sees to it that all your medical costs are fully paid.


  • Law Requirement

Most countries laws require every car to be insured, they advocate for liability insurance, and one can easily lose their license if they have not insured their cars. Traffic police are always on the roads patrolling cars without insurance. This requirement helps you stay out of trouble with the police.


  • Replace

Sometimes when one is involved in an accident, the car can get damaged beyond repair. That is why having a car insurance is important because they will replace your damaged car with a new one. This only takes a few months and is an exciting offer one shouldn’t miss out on.


  • Repairs Weather Damage

Some areas are prone to weather damages like floods, heavy winds or rains. Weather can damage your car’s upholstery and mechanical parts. Your car might catch fire by being hit by the lightning or morning traffic roadside fires. If you stay in a location prone to extreme weather change, a car insurance will help you fix all these damages.


  • Peace of Mind

Everyone deserves some peace of mind. When accidents occur, the victims are usually stressed and in a lot of tension. Their families too are usually worried and so caught up in the victim’s recovery hence not thinking straight. Having your car insured will reduce some of those stresses because you are assured that your insurance company got you covered. This assurance reduces some of your stress which is a good thing because reduced stress helps quick recovery.



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Tips In Choosing Your Auto Insurance Company

Auto insurance is a mandatory insurance protection that every car owner should have.  This type of insurance serves not only as a financial protection for the car owner, but also as protection for pedestrians who get involved in an accident with the car.  It is important to keep in mind though that there are different types of auto insurance policies and that each provides protection only for a particular coverage.  This means that you need to have the right coverage for a particular incident to get any financial assistance from your insurer.

Most auto insurance providers offer the same or similar auto insurance policies.  The differences are usually in the overall premiums and in the way how the auto insurance provider handles claims.  Some insurance companies are very good in handling purchases of auto insurance premiums but are very hard to deal with when it comes to making claims.  The latter is actually what sets each insurer apart and are the types you should avoid dealing with as they will try to avoid providing you your claims when or if possible.  This is why it is ideal to get your auto insurance with the right and reliable auto insurance company.

If you are in the market looking for auto insurance rates or maybe looking for a new insurer, then you are very fortunate as not only are there plenty of insurers to choose from, but you can also get better auto insurance rates if you do some shopping around.  Keep in mind though that it is not always the insurance company with the lowest auto insurance rate that you should always go for, but the one that provides better customer support when it comes to making claims.  This should actually be one of your deciding factors when looking for an auto insurance company.  Fortunately, you can now easily look for comments on the internet to see if an insurance company is good when it comes to handling claims.

Another thing you would want to look out for when choosing an auto insurance company will be the type of coverage you need.  For example, if you have bad credit ratings or that you are considered as a risk to insure by insurance company due to your past record of reckless driving, then you need to find an insurance company that can provide you with auto insurance coverage.  Although the insurance premium will be a little more costly, having auto insurance is mandatory so it is better for you to have auto insurance than not have any insurance at all.

There are actually some auto insurance providers who reward their clients if they have good driving records.  If you do not fall under the one with bad credit score or have a record of reckless driving, then you should look for insurance company that provide incentives to responsible drivers.  Such incentives actually even promote better driving as they motivate you to actually become a better driver by avoiding any unnecessary incidents on the road.

If you find it somewhat difficult choosing or deciding which auto insurance company you will get your car insurance with, then you may want to speak with an insurance broker.  Auto insurance brokers do not work for any particular insurance company but are instead affiliated with different ones.  They are very knowledgeable with all the insurance policies they are selling and they provide you with basic knowledge and education to help you make a better choice.  They can even provide you with educated advises on which policies are more suitable for your needs.  In fact, since they are affiliated with different insurers, you can even get different auto insurance quotes from different insurance providers from them.  This makes your visit with an auto insurance broker a ‘one stop’ shop.…

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Do You Need A Car Insurance Broker?

Car insurance is easily one of the most confusing things that every car owner will need to go through every single year.  Since car insurance is now mandatory, it is no longer possible to skip this as this has become a requirement when renewing your car registration.  This means that every year, a car owner will have to go through the ordeal of dealing with renewing their car registration.

Dealing with the same car insurance company is often not advised as it is recommended by experts to switch to different car insurance providers each time.  This is because oftentimes, it is possible to get a better deal when it is your first time signing up for car insurance with an insurance company that it is when just renewing your car insurance.  If this is the case, then it will surely be in the car owner’s best interest to switch insurance provider each time so they can take advantage of getting better deals.

When it comes to getting better deals on car insurance, you can always rely on a car insurance broker to be able to provide you one.  While you may not be able to get the type of deal you want, the savings you get on premiums is still better than not going through a broker.  This is because insurance brokers are affiliated with different insurance company so they have inside information on the different quotes over different car insurance policies.  This allows you to get the lowest premium on a particular car insurance policy or coverage possible.

Car insurance brokers are similar to insurance agents, but are more of on the knowledgeable side.  Brokers also have more responsibility than agents and require a license to be able to sell and underwrite insurance policies.  Their knowledge over insurance matters means they can provide you with more invaluable advice and education on different insurance policies.  They can also provide you with more expert advice on which type of car insurance policy is more suitable for you based on the usage of your car.

What really sets car insurance brokers with car insurance agents apart is that agents work for an insurance company whereas brokers do not.  Instead, a car insurance broker is affiliated with different insurers and earns their keep through commissions and fees for their knowledge and expertise on car insurance matters.  If you go through a car insurance broker when getting car insurance, you will need to pay for the services they provide you.  In return though, you will be able to get the best possible savings for the car insurance policy that you are buying. It actually makes perfect sense why you would want to deal with a car insurance broker than with just a simple agent because brokers are more equipped in assisting you better.

Another crucial difference between brokers and agents is the amount of experience that brokers have.  Nearly anyone can be hired as an automotive insurance agent.  However, not everyone can be a car insurance broker because it takes many years of experience to even be considered knowledgeable enough to become an insurance broker.

This now begs the question if you really need an insurance broker when getting car insurance?  If you do not have the time to do your own research on different car insurance quotes and car insurance policies, then it is a yes.  On the other hand, if you are the type who likes to do more of a hands-on on different things, even insurance, then it is up to you to waste your time over this matter.  In the end, you will still end up with almost the same expense in paying for broker’s fee.

If you really do not want to get overly confused with car insurance while still being able to get the most suitable type of car insurance coverage for your road-going vehicle and at the same time getting the best premium for it, then getting your car insurance from a car insurance broker is the one for you.  Car insurance brokers are experts over car insurance matters so it only makes sense that you want to deal with them and take advantage of their knowledge and experience in car insurance matters.…

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How To Save On Car Insurance

Every road-going car should have car insurance and it is the responsibility of the car owner to secure car insurance for his car or every car that he owns.  The main issue with car insurance as with any other type of insurance is that there are a lot of policies to choose from.  Each policy of course has a particular coverage and it is very important for any car owner to get the best protection possible.  However, getting the best protection possible means you will be getting a lot of policies which can be quite costly.

The truth is that many of us end up spending more on car insurance than we really need to.  This is mostly because we buy our car insurance unprepared which is why we usually are caught up having to buy insurance policies that we really do not need.  The trick to saving on car insurance, just like any other type of insurance, is to be prepared.  By readying yourself beforehand, you will be able to get only the most adequate car insurance policy that you need.  While having a good coverage can be helpful, it can however be costly.  On the other hand, not having enough coverage is essentially not having enough insurance protection.

Car insurance is actually very complex.  Two individuals may get the same car insurance policy but each will have to pay different premiums.  This is because the premiums you pay are based on the risk assessed by the insurance provider on you.  This can be your credit score, your driving record, your age, where you live, and many other more factors can affect the premium you pay for your car insurance.  Since car insurance is not an option, it is crucial on your part to know how to save on car insurance.  There are in fact many ways on how you can get such savings and it may be in your best interest to know them.  Here are some tips on how you can save on car insurance:

  1. Shop around – if you need to get car insurance any time soon, it may be in your best interest to shop around. Car insurance premiums will differ with each insurance provider which is why it may be wise to look for an insurance company that will give you the most out of your money. It may be wise to keep in mind though that the insurance company that will provide the lowest quote or premium is not always the best.  They may be difficult to deal with when it comes to making claims. Try to read about the standings of each insurance company and go for the one that will provide you with the best deal for your money while providing you with the most ideal car insurance protection.
  2. Credit Score – having a good credit score will surely give you better opportunity in getting better deals with auto insurers. Having a good credit rating means you are a low risk client and thus will warrant you with better insurance rates on your car insurance coverage.
  3. Low Mileage – if you run low mileage on your car, it means you are qualified for a low mileage discount. If you are averaging less than 7500 miles per year on your car, make it a point to access this type of discount so you can get better savings on your car insurance. Low mileage means lower risk of your car being involved in any road incidents and thus is eligible for a discount.
  4. Good Driving Record – if you are able to maintain a good driving record for a few years, you will be eligible for a discount on the premiums you pay for car insurance. Make sure to access this type of discount so you will pay less on your car insurance premium. Having a good driving record means there is less risk in insuring you and thus the car insurance company will be more than obliged to give you discounts on your car insurance premium.  On the other hand, those who are convicted of drunk driving and other road violations may be required to pay more on their car insurance.
  5. Membership Discounts – certain clubs, companies, or professional organizations are eligible for discounts on certain insurance companies they are affiliated with. If you belong to such clubs, organizations, or company, make sure to take advantage of the discounts you are eligible for as this will get you a good deal of discounts. Not many have access to membership discounts so if you are eligible for one, make sure to use them to your advantage.  After all, discounts are discounts and are sure money savings on your pocket already.  Never skip the opportunity of being able to avail of discounts, particularly on
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